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 Hudson Performnance Hall OKC

Funds raised will allow FRIENDS to enhance the renovations in the auditorium being made with MAPS for Kids. The NWC Auditorium, now known as the Hudson Performance Hall, will become a state-of-the-art venue for community performances and events. Funds raised from rental fees will benefit NWC.

Sponsor your seat(s) TODAY.

For each $1,000 or $500 contribution, a permanent brass
recognition plaque will be placed on a sponsored seat.

FRIENDS of Northwest Classen High School Foundation is a 501(c)3 designated organization and 80% of your donation is tax deductible.

For more information contact Lynne Hardin: 405.361.4491

Seat Assignments...

Thanks to those who have sponsored seats

and have given memorials!

Class of 1961
Class of 1962
Class of 1968 (2)
Class of 1970

In Memory of Betty Hall Allred 
given by Cheryl Burnet '66

Glenn Ashmore
Janice Ayers '75
Debbie Bacher '73

Carolyn Battles ’60 
given by Billye Battles Austin

Janice Robinson Baker
given by Jim Robinson

Richard T. Beadles, Jr.
David Beamon
Jerry Bednar '60

Bob Bednar '63 
given by Jerry Bednar

Mary & Robert Bishop
Thomas Birkett ‘68
Georgene Fezler Blaschke '68
Michael J. Blaschke '67
Tina Jackson Boag
Bruce Bockus ‘73
Henry Bockus III ‘72
Jane Bockus ‘70
Rick Buchanan
Timi Pellow Burch
Terry & Ben Byers ‘69
Cheryl Kaye Cantrell
Judy Ann Carper '57
Ronnie Cruz Carpenter 
Connie Brooks Carreker ‘62
Denny Carreker ‘60

Carson L. Carter III '72 Cindy Carter Daviee '68
given by Cindy Daviee

Bill Cheatham ’67 (2)
Jim Cheatham ’65 (2)
Tom Cheatham ’73 (2)
John Cheatham ’69 (2)

William Citty, David G. Littlefield, Gary R. Rahill, & Randy Scott, Class of ‘71

Holly Harmon Clifton ‘7

In Memory of Bob Coen ‘63
given by Gina LeBoeuf & Vince Gill

David Abney
Brooke Waldrop Beamon


Nancy Yount Hyde
Angela Jones Ingargiola '78
Lewis H. Irving, Stage Crew 57-60

In Memory of Dr. J. Todd Jacobs ‘74
given by Diane E. Fatheree
Ron & Cindy Jantz '83

Nancy Rachel Hill Jayne '62 started the Stepperettes
given by Joe H. Baumhaft

Vasca S. Jenkins, Art Department Chair 1962-1976
given by Michelle & Jeanene Jenkins

Ginger Allen Johnson
James D. Johnson
In Memory of Janie Thomason Keller Class of 1970
Louann Thomas Killgore Richard Killgore '71
Anne Formby Kimball
Rusty King
Karen Staten Kirkpatrick ‘68
Kay Kyukendall (2)
Kelley Johnson Lackey ‘72
Robert Michael Johnson ‘69
Sherry Lacy & Russell Lawson
Sharon Albert Lease "Great Times"
Gina Gill LeBoeuf ‘73
Jan & Dana Lemons
Harrison Levy ‘58
Donna Loeffler
Kent Loeffler '71
Rusty Loeffler '66
Becky Simon Lofton '77
James Loftis FAIA, Class of 1960
Tim R. Love, M.D. ‘75
Rhonda Lyon ‘80
Jim Mackellar
Carolyn Campbell Maidt
Gary Marrs ‘65
Judy Capshaw Marrs '66

In Memory of Gaylord Mathers '61
given by Sharon K. Mathers

Bill Maxwell ‘67
James Harvey Maxwell
JoAnn McDonald ‘74

Cornell Family

Brooke ‘64, Phil ‘67 & Leslie ‘73 Cotter
given by Brooke Cotter Wells

Crafton Tull & Associates
In Memory of Janie Creekmore
Jim Daniel
Lyndon Dees
Chris Degner

Linda & Paul Duncan ’58 (2)
given by Jim Daniel

Kevin Driskill '75
In Memory of Tom Emerson '62

Kia, Viet Nam 3-24-69
given by Jim Hammack

Mike Fauks ’66
Steve Fauks ‘63
Diane E. Fatheree ‘73
First National Bank of Oklahoma
Chip Fudge
Jo Fudge
Shannon Fudge
Tracy Walker Fuelling
Barbara Sue Fuson
Ann Lents Gagliardi
Dennis Gagliardi '64
Mark E. Gautreaux
Vince Gill ‘75
Brent Gooden
Valerie Hamar Gooden
Richard J. Gore ‘63
Bob Griggs ‘66
Glen Griggs
Kirk Frazier Hammons
Suzanne Smith Hardebeck ‘61
Lynne Hardin ‘64
J. Patrick Hare
Patricia Jones Harper '63

In Honor of Donna Hatchett ‘73
given by Diane E. Fatheree

Carolyn Meek Hays '64
John Hays '66
Tricia Smith Hensley '65
Mike Hensley '72
Nita Sue "Graham" Hoernig '62

Floyd Hubbard
given by Jim Robinson

Leslie & Cliff Hudson (4)
Craig Humphreys (2)
Kirk Humphreys (2)


Judy & George McDowell
Cathy Medlock
Judy & John Mee
Marilyn Gore Mendenhall
Richard K. Metheny Family
Jim Moody
Sherry (Fausett) & Tom Muchmore
Donna Ruth Thomas Munger '63
Barbie Lippert Munneke 1970
Karen Muzny
Anita Nash
Lynde Nash
Lynn Nash
Mike Nash
Barb Stacy Nebrig
Gerri Hunt Newman
Ken Newman ‘64
Mike Newman ‘67
Nora Newman
Pat & Robert Newman
JoAnna & William Newman
Linda Nichols ‘61
Ronald J. Norick ‘59
Vickie Norick ’64 (2)
NWCHS Alumni Association (2)
Celia Lawson Obar ‘66
Kelley Morrison Oshel
Terry M. O’Toole ‘67
In Memory of David L. Pape
Susan Parker ‘68
Janice Kouba Parks '73
Mike Parks '70
Allen B. Pease ‘61
Olga Pellow
Jan & Eddie Polk
Cheryl & Mike Quine
Marjean Ragan '72
In Memory of Mario Ramirez '75
Cynthia & John Reid Class of '73
Linda Turner Richardson
Tina Love Ridley ‘73


Vicki Loeffler Roark ‘64
Robert Roark
J.W. Robertson ‘62
Kerry Williams Robertson ‘63 Ann Gibbs ‘62
Jim Robinson ‘63 (3)
Randy Robinson
Peggy & Mike Rubenstein
Bill Sanford
Paula Howard Sanford
The Senior Girls of 1965
Paul Shadid
William F. Bill Shdeed ‘57
Duane Shriver
Michael Paul Sills Class of 67
Charles C. Smith ‘68
Gregory Smith
Jan Lemons Smith
Kay Lewis Smith ‘64
Polly Allen Stark
Joe Stettheimer ‘62
In Memory of Dorothy Harmon Streich ‘58
Lonnie Frank Strickland '63
given by Patricia Harper
Helen Mackellar Sullivan ‘65
George H. Thompson M.D. '62
Janice Ellison Thompson '63
Jane Johnson Thrash ‘64
Priscilla Thomas Turbeville '68
Jence Thomas '66
Charm Thomas '73
Charles Towe '70
David Towe '73
Jan Turner ‘64
Melanie Jackson Upchurch
Marsha (Boggs) & Dan Vann ‘66
In Memory of Phyllis Ann Weber Class of 1965
Jane & Steve Wheeler
Mason Williams ‘56

In Memory of Terry Wilson ‘68
given by Charles C. Smith
Penny & Wood Young

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If you would just like to donate to the Hudson Performance Hall without purchasing a seat, any gift is appreciated!

Thank You!

Auditorium Board

Executive Committee

Lynne Hardin ‘64 President
George McDowell ’61 Treasurer
Susan Parker ‘68 Secretary
Cliff Hudson ‘73
Jim Loftis ‘60

Jim Daniel ‘58
Cindy Daviee ‘68 
Benny Garcia ‘75
Bob Griggs ‘66
Brent Gooden ‘73
Kirk Humphreys ‘68
Connie Mashburn ‘56
George McDowell ‘61
Kenny Phillips
Kerry Robertson ‘63
Jim Robinson ‘63